My Three Men

Three men. I truly am blessed. My forever hero who I married when I was still a teenager. Drawn by his irresistable mystery, quiet strength, undying purpose, and incredible talents, I knew this was the man I wanted so spend my life with. The man rescues me most every day and still trusts me to fight in the trenches of life by his side.

My oldest son who’s already grown tall, the strength of his spirit clear in the set of his jaw and the hazel of his eyes. His purpose still growing, his life still being explored. The athlete he is that co-exists with the art and writing that cannot be quieted.

My younger son who’s quickly growing up, a man’s strength growing in his character, his joy always overflowing. His passion for moviemaking and riding skills filling his days with learning and doing and being. His purpose taking root. His strength becoming clear.
So many memories made while driving and flying and packing and moving. Cars, buses, jeepneys, tricycles, airplanes, boats, and bicycles housing so many memories. A hundred houses. Pizza for breakfast when we’ve pulled them out of bed too early. Airports. Rental houses. Guest homes. Hotels. Friends’ homes.

Driving across the country, one of us missing. Goodbyes in a thousand places. A million new experiences, the only constant the four of us. New friends and perspective friends. Medical emergencies and political upheavals. Scheduled flights and unscheduled emergencies. Airplanes to fix and boxes to weigh. Cars to pack and bicycles to mount on the carrier. Badminton bags and stinky clothes.

The strength one day. The need the next. The wondering if it can ever be right, and the knowledge that there is no way things can be improved. The assurance of a good outcome and the reality of cost and pain in the process. The desperation in young eyes, the joy I’ve seen in those same eyes. Pure excitement. A million experiences and so few roots. The talking and the quiet, the sharing and swallowing of experiences.

Whatever happens, whatever comes, I’ve shared these times with three great men, one so much bigger than me and the other two catching up to us..


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